Highly effective three-component fungicidal disinfectant for protecting seeds and seedlings from a complex of diseases

Active ingredient:

flutriafol 37.5 g/l + imazalil 15 g/l
+ thiabendazole 25 g/l


suspension concentrate


1 L,5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

active ingredients of the product have a prophylactic and therapeutic systemic effects. Flutriafol violates the biosynthesis of sterols and penetrates into the cell membrane. Tiabendazole violates the process of division of cell nuclei. Imazalil inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis and inhibits the formation of cell membranes. The optimal combination of the three active ingredients contributes to the synergistic effect and actively eradicates the seed and soil infections.

Field of usage


Dose rate, l/ton


Terms and methods of application


1.0 – 1.25

Mildew, spot blotch, foot rot, pythium root rot, seed mold, head smut, loose smut, stem smut, stinking smut, black smut, fusarium mold, fusarium root rot

Presowing treatment (10 l of working solution per 1 ton of seeds)


1.0 – 1.25


The expediency of use in mixtures with other fungicides is absent. The combined use of the drug in a mixture with insecticidal seed dressings, in the recommended standards, provides complete protection of the culture against a complex of diseases and pests. Perhaps the addition of micronutrients and growth regulators.


Use seeds that do not contain impurities, weed seeds, are well calibrated and not damaged. Do not use the product for the treatment of germinated seeds, as well as seeds with high humidity.


• all three active ingredients from different chemical groups, which prevents the resistance of diseases and significantly expands the range of pathogens being destroyed;
• high efficiency against a complex of an internal and superficial seed and soil infection;
• fast therapeutic and prolonged preventive action (up to 60 days);
• does not cause phytotoxicity;
• convenient and practical form of the drug;
• high economic profitability.