A Maize, FAO 280

Hybrid characteristics:

Type of hybrid: common
Type of grain: dent corn


 Plant height

 200-220 cm

 Height of fastening of ear

 75-80 cm

 The output of grain threshing


 Drought resistance


 Standing resistance


The growing season for steppe zone is 113 days and for forest-steppe zone is 125 days (year 2008).

Disease resistance

It is hardly affected by rust and head smut, only individual plants are affected by corn smut. Yield obtained when the hybrid was tested in Khmelnytsky SCPVE was 115.6 dt/ha, in Donetsk SCPVE – 135.0 dt/ha, in Zakarpatsky SCPVE – 127.8 dt/ha.

Features of the hybrid

• strong growth and good frost tolerance in the early stages of development;

• drought resistance due to well-developed root system;

• resistance to ear rot ;

• excellent “drydown”, thin kernel, large grain.

Agro-technical recommendations

The recommended planting density is 80-85 thousand of seeds per hectare when it is grown for grain and 90-100 thousand of seeds per hectare when it is grown for silage. Thanks to good drought resistance, it is a leader in grain yield in the steppe zone according to the test results in 2010.