CODA FOL 7-21-7, SL

Fertilizer for foliar application of plants.


N — nitrogen — 7,3 %
P2O5 — phosphorus 21,92 %
K2O — potassium oxide — 7,3 %
Fe — iron — 1,3 g/l
Cu — copper — 0,6 g/l
Mn — manganese — 0,6 g/l
Zn — zinc — 0,6 g/l
B — boron —1,2 g/l
Mo — molybdenum — 0,01 g/l


soluble concentrate


20 L


CODA Fol 7-21-7, SL is a micro-fertilizer with a high phosphorus concentration for foliar dressing of plants. The best time to apply is before flowering, during flowering and ovary. Due to potassium phosphate in its structure the fertilizer improves the life of a plant. The best time to apply is during the formation of root and its active growth and during flowering period. Plants need a large amount of phosphorus during the formation of a root system and in a flowering period. That is why when we apply fertilizer CODA Fol 7-21-7, SL we accelerate the development of a root system and the development of a plant in general. The use in the period of flowering will provide an abundant flowering and prolong this period.



Dose rate, l/ha

Terms of application

Max. number of treatments

Cereals (winter wheat, spring barley)


Applying in a 3–5-leaf phase if necessary in autumn. Applying from tillering to heading in spring

3 times per season



Applying from a 3–5-leaf phase to flowering

3 times per season



Applying in a 3–5-leaf phase, the second and the third application – in a 8–10-leaf phase before panicle earring

3 times per season



Application from a phase of 5-7 leaves to before budding, flowering period

3 times per season



From budding to the beginning of flowering

3 times per season



Applying in a 6–8-leaf phase before flowering

3 times per season



The phase of tuber formation

3 times per season

CODA Fol 7-21-7, SL is used worldwide: at alfalfa, grapes, citrus and fruit trees.