Chelated fertilizer for foliar dressing of plants and rapid compensation of zinc deficiency.


Zn — zinc — 10.4%
S — sulphur — 11.2%


soluble concentrate


20 L


CODA Zn-L SL is a chelated complex of zinc (lignosulphonates) which is recommended for foliar and root dressing of plants to prevent and replenish the deficiency of zinc. Zinc contained in CODA Zn-L is involved in important enzymatic processes, circuit of nitrogen which is needed for the synthesis of tryptophan (growth promoter). If there is a lack of zinc in plants their leaves become yellow, the formation of chlorophyll can be destroyed and therefore the process of photosynthesis. It is recommended for: vegetable crops, citrus, fruit trees, ornamental plants, cut flowers, hydroponic crops, cereals, legumes, vines, tropical crops etc. Maize, soybeans and vegetables are the largest consumers of zinc.



Dose rate

Terms of application

Max. number of treatments


2-5 l/ha

Applying in a 3–5-leaf phase before flowering

3 times per season

Vegetable crops

0,5-1 l/ha

Applying during growing season before flowering and green fruit

3 times per season

Sugar beet

1 l/ha

First application in a 4–6-leaf phase of true leaves, second application in a 8–10-leaf phase

3 times per season


1-2 l/ha

Applying in 3–5-leaf phase, the second and the third application – in 8–10-leaf phase before panicle earring

3 times per season

Use experience:

CODA Zn-L SL is used worldwide at apple trees and alfalfa.