Fabus 497 SC

Systemic fungicide of a broad spectrum of action.

Active ingredient:

epoxiconazole, 187 g/l + thiophanate-methyl, 310 g/l


suspension concentrate


5 l, 10 l

Mode of action:

system action. Epoxiconazole – blocks the formation of ergosterol in the fungus cells. Tiofanat-methyl – blocks the processes of cell division of fungi. It also has a contact action.

Field of usage


Dose rate, l/hа


Methods and terms of application



Mealy dew, septoria leaf spot and other spotting, rust (brown, stem and others) fusarium wilt, eyespot,
glume blotch

Spraying during the growing season

Sugar beet

Mealy dew, cercospora blight, ramularia leaf spot


Compatible with most pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, growth regulators), but in each case it is necessary to make a test for compatibility.


• the substance is applied by spraying, using equipment for spraying of all types, providing a continuous coverage of the area and abundant wetting of plants;
• do not use the fungicide at high temperatures – up to +25°C and low air humidity – below 40%;
• dose rate of the working solution 200 – 400 l/ha, depending on the culture and the phase of its development;
• do not spray at wind speeds of more than 3-4 m/s.


• due to the rapid penetration into the plant has a “stop effect” on the pathogen;
• has a prophylactic and therapeutic effect;
• does not cause resistance;
• has a high degree of systemic integrity, thereby helping to protect new plant parts;
• reliably works in conditions of low temperatures and high humidity;
• economic in use.