It is used to strengthen the stem of cereals and oilseed rape and as a growth regulator.

Active ingredient:

chlormequat chloride, 750 g/l


soluble concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

active ingredient penetrates into the plant mainly through the leaves and the roots, causes reduction of growth of plants in height and increases diameter of a stalk, strengthening its hardness. As a result, the plants become more resistant to lodging, the risk of penetration of pathogens of rot into the root neck of a plant decreases.

Field of usage

CropDose rate, l/haTerms of application
Winter wheat1.0–1.5*From the beginning of tillering to the booting stage(phases 21-31, it is better 25): grades with a tendency to lodging from low to medium
Winter wheat1.5–2.0*Varieties with a tendency to lodging from medium to high
Spring wheat1.0From the beginning to the end of tillering (phases 21-29)
Barley0.75–2.0*From the beginning of tillering to the beginning of booting stage
Winter rape1.0In autumn: 2-3–leaf stage
Winter rape1.5–2.0In autumn: 3-4– leaf stage

* With a high background of mineral nutrition, best results are achieved when the distribution rate of 1,5 liters per hectare is divided into two times of 0,75 liters per hectare, the first time is in the phase of tillering and the second time is not later than one week before the booting stage.


Mequalan 750 SL can be used in tank mixtures with most pesticides. However, in each separate case, a preliminary assessment of the compatibility of components in the tank mixture should be made.

Application features

do not carry out the processing of oats with Mequalan 750, SL in combination with herbicides;

it is not recommended to apply Mequalan 750, SL if frost is expected before or after its application;

it is not recommended to use it for young and spaced plantings when there is a drought;

rainfall that happened two hours after application does not affect the action of Mequalan 750, SL;

dose rate of the working fluid for ground spraying is 200 – 300 liters per hectare. A complete cover of the area when applying the product is required. Plants must be sprayed heavily;

in combination with a growth-type herbicide (2,4-D, MCPA, etc.), it is necessary to reduce the rate of growth regulator consumption by 10-15%.

Product’s advantages

inhibits the growth of stalk in height, gives it strength, and prevents lodging by reducing the distance between the internodes and thickening of the walls;

increases winter hardiness of winter rape;

reduces the risk of penetration of pathogens of rot into the root neck of a plant;

promotes uniformity of ripening of grain and harvest.