Post-emergence highly selective systemic herbicide for the control of annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds in crops of sunflower and rape.

Active ingredient:

ethametsulfuron-methyl, 750 g/kg


water dispersible granules


900 g (6 х 150 g watersoluble bags)

Mode of action:

it inhibits the enzyme acetolactate synthase (ALS), as a result, amino acid synthesis is blocked in weeds. The product is absorbed by the leaves mainly and moves within a few hours in a plant, which stops cell division in the shoots and roots of a weed.

Field of usage


Dose rate,


Terms of application


25 – 30 +
SAM Maxium
200 mL/ha

Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds

2-4 pairs of true leaves of a culture, at the early stage of weed development


25 – 30 +
SAM Maxium
200 mL/ha

Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds

from cotyledons phase to 8 leaves phase of culture at the early stages of the weeds’ development


Compatible with other pesticides. But should not be used with organophosphorus insecticides.

Application features

• it is better to use the product at the early stages of development of annual weeds (2-4 leaves);

• do not handle if the crop is wet from rain or dew, or is under stress;

• when using Rondos 750 WG on sunflower, it is not recommended to mix with graminicides, fertilizers and micronutrients;

• should not be used with organophosphorus insecticides;

• must be used with SAM Maxium.

Product’s advantages

• low dose rate;

• effective post emergence control of cruciferous and other types of dicotyledonous weeds;

• it is active in both warm and cool weather conditions.

List of the main sensitive weeds

Sensitive types of weeds: common hemp-nettle, wild chamomile, amaranth, common ragweed, wild mustard, field chamomile, shepherd’s purse, Thale-cress, flixweed tensy mustard, field penny-cress, Tripleurospermum inodorum L., crowfoot (species), winterweed.

Middle-sensitive types of weeds: muchweed, gallant soldier, nettle, black night shade, field bindweed, Fumaria officinalis, dog’s parsley, white deadly, redshank, goose grass.

Relatively sensitive types of weeds: corn poppy,wild radish, Bachelor’s – button, speedwell (species), violet (species), ragweed, wild buckwheat.

Resistant types of weeds: field thistle, sow thistle, tartary lettuce.