Adjuvant (excipient) of a new generation, belongs to the organosilicon group known as “superpreparants”

Active substance:

trisiloxane alkoxylate, 100% organosilicon surfactant


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mechanism of action:

mode of action of Wopro Gold is an extreme reduction of surface tension of aqueous solutions, which ensures maximum wetting of both the upper and lower surfaces of the plant leaf with a working solution, as well as hard-to-reach spots, regardless of the thickness of the wax layer and the hairiness of the plant.


SAM is used only in the form of tank mixtures with the main pesticide preparations. The time of use depends on the shelf life of the main product used in conjunction with Wopro Gold.

The organo-silicone wetting agent Wopro Gold is perfectly compatible with all pesticides, with the exception of copper-containing ones.

Application features

in the field, the application rate of Wopro Gold is from 0.01 liters to 0.1 liters per 100 liters of water;

the period of application and the period of the last application before harvesting are determined by the official registration of the product with which Wopro Gold is used in a tank mixture;

spraying with mixtures containing Wopro Gold are very safe for the treated plants. However, to prevent any possible manifestation of phytotoxicity that may occur in each new tank combination, it is always recommended to conduct small-area experiments before processing large areas.

DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT with preparations containing copper! ESPECIALLY be careful when processing Grapes!

Product's advantages

improves the coating of plants with working solution;

allows to reduce the volume of working solution and increases the amount of cultivated area;

provides an improvement in the effectiveness of products against pests, diseases and weeds due to the fact that the product gets into the inaccessible parts of plants;

improves the penetration of the product into the deciduous cover of plants;

makes spraying more reliable and resistant to washing off by rain-fall;

provides fast penetration of systemic products through the respiratory stomata of plants.