Composite systemic fungicide intended for protection of crops, soybeans, rape and sugar beet from variety of diseases.

Active ingredient:

propiconazole, 300 g/l + tebuconazole, 200 g/l


emulsifiable concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

tebuconazole has preventive and treatment systemic effect; it is highly effective against mildew and rust. Propiconazole has preventive, high treatment and eradicating systemic effect; it is highly effective against various spots. It also initiates plant growth and intensifies plant photosynthesis activity.

Field of usage

CropDiseaseDose rate, l/hаNumber of treatments
WheatMildew*, rust, Septoria disease, Cercosporella spot0,3-0,41-2
BarleyMildew*, rust, leaf spot, Septoria disease0,3-0,41-2
SoybeanMildew, anthracnose, rust0,4-0,61-2
RapeAlternaria blight, mildew, sclerotinia, phomosis0,4-0,61-2
SugarbeetMildew, cercosporosis0,4-0,63-4
OrchardsScab, mildew0,5-0,62

*Preventive action


Well mixed with insecticides and herbicides, when preparing tank mixtures it should be added in directly to the spraying device tank last. The fungicide should not be mixed with formulations with strong alkaline or acidic reaction. Prior to use it is necessary to check tank mixture for compatibility and phytotoxicity for specified crop.

Application features

• cereal crops and soybeans: spraying in crop season at first strokes of diseases;

• sugar beet: first application – at first strokes of diseases, the second one – in 10 – 14 days (if necessary);

• spring rape: spraying at first strokes of diseases at the stage of stem stretching;

• winter rape: in autumn – at crop leaves stage 6 – 8, in spring in crop season at first strokes of diseases at the stage of stem stretching – pods formation at the base.

Product’s advantages

• suppresses wide range of pathogens;

• high penetrating effect;

• rate of fungicide action;

• perfect systemic effect;

• long-term protection period;

• low consumption rate;

• high capability of penetration through leaves and stem;

• prolonged protection period of 4-5 weeks.