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🌱KASSENT 400 SC🌱 – composite highly effective insecticide with systemic and contact enteral effect for control of wide range of sucking and leaf-eating pests.

📌Imidacloprid has systemic and translaminar effect, it is absorbed through leaves, stems and roots, distributed by parenchyma and moved by xylem; substance blocks postsynaptic nicotinyl sensory organs of insects and interrupts physiological nerves innervation, which leads to nervous system disturbance and death of insects. Lambda-cyhalothrin remains on the surface of the plant; it affects certain parts of postsynaptic receptors of insects and disturbs normal functions of the nerves, which leads to death of insects.

🌱TAFFIN 320 SC🌱 – combined systemic fungicide to protect spring and winter ears of crops from leaf and ear diseases.

📌Azoxystrobin breaks the breath of fungal cells by blocking the electrons’ transfer to the mitochondrias and controls the pathogens of four different classes. Azoxystrobin also optimizes and improves the level of nitrogen assimilation by the plant, which affords an opportunity to improve the yield and grain quality indicators in future. Cyproconazole stops the synthesis of ergosterol, which ensures the integrity of the cell membrane.