Alexander Dunaevskiy

Head of sales department in Eastern region


The company “TerraVita” showed excellent results of sales growth compared to the reporting period of 2014. Most of all I would like to turn your attention to the popularity of plant protection products of the company “TerraVita”, which are gaining the most part of market segment. The selective herbicide TSEFEY 642, WG is especially popular this marketing year.

It’s distinguishing feature is a well-composed 2 active ingredients: rimsulfuron 32,5 g/kg, which controls all annual and perennial weeds, and dicamba, 609 g/kg, which controls a wide range of perennial and annual dicotyledonous weeds and has a soil action. Due to the fast action (2-3 hours after spraying), the corn producers prefer this product. Experts note: in order to achieve an optimum efficiency, TSEFEY 642, WG must be used in the early stages of development of active vegetative weeds. Its formulation (water granules, which are in water-soluble bags) promotes the technological and economical production of agricultural products.

During such difficult time for the country and for each agricultural producer in particular, “TerraVita” LLC is able to offer all of its products for affordable prices. The management of the company has done everything for all agricultural producers not only to get high yields, but also to say, “It is not only the seller, but a reliable partner and friend.”

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