The ready-made bait to control the populations of rats and mice.


Active ingredient:

bromadiolon 0.005% (0.005 g/kg)
In addition to the poison it consists of food base, red pigment – attractant (the compounding that attracts rodents by its smell)


paraffin pellet, paraffin pink block


0,5 kg, 1 kg, 10 kg

Mode of action:

the action of the product appears slowly in 48-72 hours after the first dose. During all this time the rats continue to eat the bait. The product prevents the blood clotting, increases capillary permeability, causing a large hemorrhage, bleeding. The time of death – 3-8 day after penetrating of poison. Due to the prolonged period of activity, conditioned-defense reflex from the product is not observed on rats and mice.

Field of usage:

Communal service.

Application features

Bait is placed in pre-identified dwellings of rodents: along walls, partitions, near burrows, under shelter (closets, etc.). For this you can adjust boxes, handmade trays or special containers, as these prevent pilfering of bait by rodents, as well as complicate access to it of “inappropriate” animal species. Containers should be examined during first 2 days and then with intervals in one  week. Eaten portion should be replaced by new, those that lay more than a week – should be thrown in places visited by rodents. Spoiled or contaminated bait should be changed with new one. Note: if you keep the bait next to odorous chemicals (paints, varnishes, etc.), it will absorb the odor and will not be attractive to the caudate freeloaders. Quantity of product, that should be applied, depends on the amount of rodents.
Paraffin pellet
For rats: 50–100 g. heaped, every 10 meters.
For mice: 20–30 g. heaped, every 5 meters.
Paraffin block
For rats: 4–6 blocks on the heap, every 10 meters.
For mice: 2–4 blocks on the heap, every 5 meters.

Ecological compatibility

IV toxicity class for warm-blooded (slightly dangerous product). There is no local irritant effect, allergic reactions and the absorption of toxic substances in the blood does not occur upon contact with skin. The product is dangerous for birds and aquatic inhabitants, but is not phytotoxic. the Harmful substances are not emitted into the air during the combustion, pets will hardly eat a lethal dose. At the same time, the product may be dangerous for poultry and fish. The product can not be used in the sanitary area of fishery ponds.

Protective measures

  • put and maintain the product in the places which are child-, pets-, birds proofed, separately from medicine and food;
  • the dead rodents, the remains and capacity of bait should be buried to a depth of 0.5 m;
  • if you do the poisoning it is better to use special gloves and scoops;
  • after work wash your hands with soap and water.