Fertilizer for foliar application of plants.

Applied on corn, soybean and legumes.


MgO — magnesium oxide — 2,1 %
N — nitrogen — 2 %
S — sulfur — 1,5 %
В — boron — 1 %
Mn — manganese — 1 %
Zn — zinc — 4 %
Fe — iron — 0,3 %
Cu — copper — 0,2 %
Mo — molybdenum — 0,05 %




25 kg


At early stages of maize development stagnation is often observed. This phenomenon is the result of deficiency of nutrients or unfavorable climatic conditions (low temperatures and drought). The amount of nutrients which are in the soil is not enough for full crop development. Poor nutrition leads to yield reduction (ears develop weakly). Foliar application with CIBUS Pro, MG that contains an increased quantity of zinc (Zn) and full range of other microelements, especially at exhausted soils, provides the further development of corn, soybean and legumes.

DEFICIENCY OF ZINC (Zn): the corn is very sensitive to the zinc deficiency. Zinc is involved in processes of metabolism and protein synthesis. The higher content of phosphorus salts in the soil, non-observance of field changing leads to the deficiency of zinc in the soil. Characteristics of zinc deficiency are the check in growth, white-yellow lines on both sides between the fibers of leaves, and yellow or white color on the entire surface of young leaves. If corn is sufficiently provided with zinc, the yields, quality, contents of protein and sugar are increased. The viability of the plant improves as well.

DEFICIENCY OF BORON (B): boron deficiency is especially visible on soils with poor structure, and also under bad climatic conditions. Boron deficiency it is white-gray stripes on the leaves of the corn. At high temperatures the corn looks like dried out and  corncobs stop to germinate.



1–2 applications before the panicle earing (3–5 and 6–8 leaves) — 2–3 kg/ha.
With the phosphorus deficiency in early spring, when corn develops slowly and the temperature falls below 12°C the fixing of phosphorus is very limited. Therefore in such conditions in soils with low Ph level, phosphorus deficiency is the factor that slows deeply the growth of corn.
Phosphorus is involved in energy processes so the deficiency of it leads to an underdeveloped ears and reduction of yield. It is better to apply phosphorus in autumn as the basic fertilizer.
The fertilizer CIBUS Pro, MG does not contain phosphorus, foliar fertilizing of which improves the fixing of phosphorus by maize plant.

Soybean, legumes

Application 1–2 times in the phase of 5–6 leaves and during the phase of pod filling — 2 kg/ha. The dose rate: 4 kg/ha during the vegetation season.

For application minimum 200 l of water should be used.