Complex systemic fungicide with healing, protective and fumigant properties to protect crops from a complex of leaf and stem diseases.

Active ingredient:

carbendazim, 300 g/l + flutriafol, 200 g/l


suspension concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

after treatment it spreads rapidly throughout the plant through the water-filled cells, destroying fungal diseases. Furthermore, it penetrates into those parts of a plant which appeared after treatment, providing protection of new shoots.

Field of usage

Crop Dose rate, l/ha Disease Terms of application
Wheat 0,4-0,6 Powdery mildew, rust, septoria spot, tan spot, Fusarium and foot rot of root Spraying during the vegetation period
Soybean 0,6 Rust, pod spot, septoria spot, powdery mildew


Compatible with most pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, growth regulators), which have sharply alkaline reaction. However, in each case check for compatibility.

Application features

product can be used at the temperature + 5°C … 10;

re-treatment should be made with intervals 3-4 weeks, depending on weather conditions;

maximum number of treatments – 2, soybean – 1.

Product’s advantages

most systemic fungicide with rapid absorption by all parts of the plant;

heals not only the aboveground organs of plants, but also the root system;

a combination of two molecules from different groups eliminates the addiction of pathogenic fungi;

the duration of the protective effect is 25-30 days.