Growth regulator based on humic and fulvic acids with the addition of organic matter

Active ingredient:

humic acids 19-65%
fulvic acid 3-15%
organic matter 25-50%


suspenion concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 1000 L

Mode of action:

highly effective growth regulator of biological origin. Humic and fulvic acids have a direct effect on metabolism, hormonal and enzymatic processes, thereby activating plant growth. Humic acids are catalysts for metabolic processes, and fulvic acids are chelating agents that are ionized by metals. The use of the product helps to increase the yield and improve the quality of crop products, maintains the resistance of crops to drought.

Field of usage

CropDose rate, l/haTerms of applicationMaximum number of treatments
Legumes, corn, sunflower0.5-5.0Spraying during the vegetative season3-6


Compatible with all pesticides and suitable for use in tank mixes, but in each case, the compatibility of the tank mix components should be assessed.


• when used in tank mixtures with other pesticides, acidifies the solution due to its ability to bind Ca2+, Mg2+ ions;
• reduces the surface tension of the working solution;
• the main application of vegetation to the leaf surface of plants. Repeat application: re-treatment depending on the state of culture, the interval between applications 14-21 days.


• stimulant of biological origin growth;
• promotes yields;
• has high solubility;
• allowed for use in tank mixtures.