Composite highly effective insecticide with systemic and contact enteral effect for control of wide range of sucking and leaf-eating pests.

Active ingredient:

imidacloprid, 300 g/l + lambda-cyhalothrin, 100 g/l


suspension concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

imidacloprid has systemic and translaminar effect, it is absorbed through leaves, stems and roots, distributed by parenchyma and moved by xylem; substance blocks postsynaptic nicotinyl sensory organs of insects and interrupts physiological nerves innervation, which leads to nervous system disturbance and death of insects. Lambda-cyhalothrin remains on the surface of the plant; it affects certain parts of postsynaptic receptors of insects and disturbs normal functions of the nerves, which leads to death of insects.

Field of usage

CropDose rate, l/haDiseaseTerms of application
Wheat0,05-0,1Shield bug Eurygaster integriceps, Lema, aphid, corn flies, cereal chafer, thrips, leafhoppers, flea beetlesSpraying during vegetation
Rape0,05-0,1Rapeseed beetle, blue flea, aphid, sawfly, leaf beetle, gall midges, weevil
Corn0,05-0,1Western corn rootworm, bollworm, European corn borer, pickleworm, aphid, red spider mite


Formulation is compatible with most insecticides and fungicides, it is necessary to make test mixture with other formulations in recommended amounts prior to wide-scale use.

Application features

spraying to be performed in dry weather at a temperature between +12 and +25 ° C and wind speed up to 3-5 m/s, herewith it is necessary to control even covering of crop leaves by spray material;

the product has high initial efficiency: its effect can be observed in rather short period after application; rain falling in 3-4 hours after treatment doesn`t affect its efficiency;

highly toxic for bees (border protection zone – at least 4-5 km, bee summer restriction – at least 120-140 hours).

Product’s advantages

• two active ingredients composing the formulation provide its high biological efficiency excluding risk of pests resistance development;

• formulation has high initial activity followed by long protective period;

• formulation has systemic effect – it is absorbed through roots, leaves and stem;

• it effectively controls pests living hidden life (thrips, fly larvae, miners);

• no phytotoxic impact on crop;

• law consumption rate for 1 ha;

• quickly suppresses pests central nervous system signal transfer;

• pests are affected both by direct contact during spraying and at the time of eating treated plants, inside them as well.