The combined ground herbicide against annual gramineous and some annual dicotyledonous weeds on the crops of sunflower and maize.

Active ingredient:

S-metolachlor, 312.5 g/l + terbuthylazine, 187.5 g/l


suspension concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

The herbicidal effect of Pandora 500 SC appears on germinating weeds. Terbuthylazine blocks the process of photosynthesis; S-metolachlor affects on the cell division by blocking the initial stages of mitosis. The weeds are killed during germination. When applying Pandora 500 SC during the vegetation it’s absorbed by seedlings and partly by root system, moves through the plant, causing the death of the weeds. The complete absence of resistance and significant extension of the herbicidal effect are achieved due to the active ingredients of the product.

Field of usage


Dose rate,


Terms of application



Annual gramineous and annual dicotyledonous weeds

Spraying the soil before planting at t +8°С, during planting and on shoots in 3-5-leaf phase of a culture


Spraying the soil before planting, after planting, during planting but before the emergence of seedlings


It is possible to use in a mixture with other commonly used pesticides, in addition to alkaline, on the appropriate crops. It is not recommended to mix with micro elements, especially with zinc in any form.

Application features

• the product can be applied before planting, during planting and before the emergence of seedlings;

• to improve the action of the product is recommended to make application for preplant cultivation or for Europack, but no deeper than 5 cm;

• during irrigation the incorporation into the soil not performed;

• deprive the growing over of gramineous and dicotyledonous weeds to phase more than 2 leaves;

• doze rate of the working solution is 250-300 l/ha;

• can be used with any equipment for ground spraying;

• it is recommended to spray at wind speed not higher then 5 m/sec to avoid the sweep to the neighboring cultures;

• the possibility of applying on the parental forms;

• not recommended to eradicate, to spud in the row spacing after application of the herbicide. This will reduce the herbicidal effect;

• when sowing sunflower on light (slightly humus) soils, it is recommended to reduce the application rate to 3.0 l/ha.

Product’s advantages

• the double power of safe effect;


• eliminates competition from weeds at the early stage of crop growing;

• has long protective effect that prevents the emergence of the next wave of weeds;

• the flexibility in the application;

• the possibility of applying on the maize hybrids;

• under the dry weather conditions herbicidal effect can be enhanced due to not deep (up to 3-5 cm) incorporation into the soil.

Optimal weather conditions for application

Preparation of the tank mixture

Weather conditions during the period of application

from + 12°С to + 28°С

200-400 l/ha

It is forbidden to make in spraying at wind speed > 3-4 m/s.

List of the main sensitive weeds

Annual gramineous weeds: foxtail (species), rough-stalked bluegrass, barn grass, buffel grass (species).

Annual dicotyledonous weeds: pigweed, winterweed, blind weed, black bindweed, black nightshade, frost-blite, persicaria, galinsoga parviflora, wild radish.


Soybeans – 4.0-4.5 l/ha before germination. On light (slightly humus) soils it is recommended to reduce the application rate to 3.0 l / ha.
* Please note that this product is not registered on such crops in Ukraine.