Three-component  systemic  protectant for pre-sowing treatment of grain crops – triple protection against diseases.

Active ingredient:

tebuconazole, 60 g/l + thiabendazol, 80 g/l
+ flutriafol, 50 g/l


flowable concentrate for seed treatment


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

tebuconazole destroys infection inside the seeds to protect them from infection which is on a surface and in the soil; thiabendazole stops cell division of pathogenic fungi by moving to young bodies of a sprout and protects a plant at the first stages of growth and development; flutriafol moves in all the tissues of growing plants and provides long-lasting systemic protection of new shoots, it penetrates into the plants that emerged after treatment.

Field of usage


Dose rate, l/ton


Terms and methods of application

Winter wheat

0.3 – 0.5

Smut diseases, septoria, Helminthosporium blight, Fusarium mold, root rot, powdery mildew

Pre-sowing treatment (10 liters of working fluid per 1 ton of seeds)

Spring barley


It can be used together or subsequently with the agents of insecticidal and stimulating action.

Application features

treatment needs to be carried out in advance before planting;

seed moisture must be a standard (14%) or 1–2 % lower than the standard;

use seeds which are cleaned of dust and impurities, without weed seeds, broken and damaged seeds or vegetative plant remains.

Product’s advantages

combination of three various active ingredients according to the spectrum;

high efficiency against a wide range of diseases;

reliable protection of seeds and young plants;

prevents the plants from growing over in the autumn;

stimulates the development of a root system thereby increasing resistance to frost;

increases germinating ability of seeds;

intensively stimulates the early growth of seedlings;

facilitates the simultaneous shoots and good tillering of plants;

the best disinfectant for sowing in the soil.