A universal desiccant of contact action to dry sunflower.  It is a contact action herbicide to control wide range of weeds.

Active ingredient:

diquat dibromide, 150 g/l


soluble concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

penetrates quickly into the plant and accelerates ripening evenly, which allows gathering harvest in time.

Field of usage


Dose rate,

Terms of application



Spraying of crops in the early phase of the browning of baskets (sunflower seed moisture is not more than 30-35%) ground/air


Spraying of crops in the phase of the onset of browning of lower level beans with seed moisture not more than 35–40%


Samum 150 SL  is compatible with urea or ammonium nitrate. It is recommended use a mixture of SAM Wopro Wet or SAM Maxium and nitrogen fertilizers to improve the action. Tank mixtures with other pesticides are not recommended because of mismatching of product use.

Application features

• the product is applied by spraying sunflowers in a phase of browning baskets; early treatment can reduce the harvest;

• it is necessary to cover the whole area and spray the plants heavily while applying the product;

• treatment is recommended to carry out in the evening or during the day provided the weather is cloudy;

• spraying is prohibited if the wind speed is more than 3–4 m/s;

• doze rate of the working solution for ground sprayers is 200–300 l/ha, for aircraft treatments 50–70 l/ha;

• the prepared solution must be used within 24 hours.

Product’s advantages

• produces extremely rapid product effect and convincing result;

• it is quickly absorbed by plants and provides rapid and equal ripening; as a result it saves costs in final drying of seeds;

• the active ingredient of contact action degrades quickly in the plant, so you can use the product on seed plots and edible crops;

• dries a weed (except crops) which makes harvesting easier;

• gives possibility to obtain seeds with low humidity and doesn’t change the fatty acid composition;

• stops the development and spread of diseases such as white and gray mold of sunflower, and others;

• preserves machinery and equipment: there is an element that prevents metal corrosion.