Combined systemic fungicide to protect spring and winter ears of crops from leaf and ear diseases.

Active ingredient:

azoxystrobin, 200 g/l + cyproconazole, 120 g/l


suspension concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

azoxystrobin breaks the breath of fungal cells by blocking the electrons’ transfer to the mitochondrias and controls the pathogens of four different classes. Azoxystrobin also optimizes and improves the level of nitrogen assimilation by the plant, which affords an opportunity to improve the yield and grain quality indicators in future. Cyproconazole stops the synthesis of ergosterol, which ensures the integrity of the cell membrane.

Field of usage

CropDose rate, l/haDiseaseMethod and terms of applicationWaiting period/number of treatments
Winter wheat0,4 – 0,7Septoria disease, mildew, brown leaf rust, FHB, Septoria disease, Alternaria blightомTreatment during the growing season, prophylactically or when the first symptoms of the disease appear30/2
Spring wheat
Winter barleyMildew; net blotch, dark-brown spot, streak, scab, Septoria disease, dwarf leaf rust, fusarium disease of leaves
Spring barley
Soybean0,4 – 0,7 + SAM Wopro Wet 50-200 ml/hаSeptoria disease, fusarium disease, mildew, rust, anthracnose, downy mildewSpraying during vegetation
Sunflower0,6-0,7 + SAM Wopro Wet (dose rate  50-200 ml/hа)Phomosis, rust, false mildew, stem blight, sclerotinia


The product is compatible with most pesticides which used on crops in the same time. But in each case the agents  must be checked for compatibility.

Application features

• applied as water solution;

• dose rate of the working solution: 200-400 l/ha;

• working solution should be used within 24 hours after preparation;

• optimum time for spraying – from 6 till 9 a.m. or from 7 till 9 p.m. in calm dry weather at the temperature not higher then 25 °C.

Product’s advantages

• prophylactic and rapid therapeutic effect is common;

• the product moves acropetally and translaminarly in the leaf;

• due to the high systemic activity of cyproconazole, can be used prophylactically for the treatment of a wide range of pathogens;

• provides lengthening of vegetation of a plant, increases prolificness due to:

1. improve water use efficiency and improve photoassimilation;

2. optimization of nitrogen metabolism;

3. inhibition of ethylene formation;

• long protection period;

• it has a specific activity against fungi, rust and persists in culture for up to 30-45 days.