Bestseller Turbo 200, SC

Original, economical pyrethroid insecticide of double action for protection of crops against a wide range of pests.

Active ingredient:

alfa-cypermethrin, 200 g/l


suspension concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

alfa-cypermethrin results in death of pests because of the strong firing of nerve cells that result in a paralysis of the central and peripheral nervous system. Effects on pests as upon direct contact with the product, as well as upon their nutrition by plants.

Field of usage

Crop Dose rate, l/ha Pest Terms of application
 Winter wheat  0,05-0,08 Shield-backed bugs, aphid, leafhoppers, thrips, leaf beetle Spraying during the vegetation period
 Spring barley  0,05 Flea beetle, aphid, leaf beetle
 Rape 0,05-0,08 Rape beetle, blue flea
Sugar beet 0,05-0,12 Beetroot weevil, beetroot fleabeetle


Bestseller Turbo 200, SC can be used in tank mixtures with other products. Test for chemical compatibility when preparing a mixture. The product is not compatible with products that have alkaline properties.

Application features

• the maximum effectiveness of the product is observed at temperatures from +10°С до +20°С. Raising of temperature reduces effectiveness of the insecticide;

• most effective to use early in the morning or in the evening. Condensed moisture on the surface of plants, as well as rain in 3 hours after application can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the product;

• do not apply during flowering and in places of active bees fly, as the product is toxic for bees.

• a volume of working solution is 150 – 250 l/ha.

Product’s advantages

• double concentration of the active ingredient – the most economical dose rate;

• has instant eradicative effect on the problem and specific pests;

• effective at all stages of insects’ morphosis;

• the duration of the protective effect is 7-21 days;

• if following the recommended dose rates it is safe for mammals and birds. Due to the low dose rates, the product does not migrate into the soil and does not get into the ground water.