Dalila 600 FS/Initer 600 FS/Faviprid Aktive 600 FS

A universal insecticidal seed treatment against a wide range of ground and soil pests.

Active ingredient:

imidacloprid, 600 g/l


flowable concentrate for seed treatment


10 l

Mode of action:

active ingredient is absorbed by roots of a plant and goes to leaves. The product is evenly distributed throughout the plant and reaches long action against sucking and chewing insects by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses in the body of a pest; it leads to their paralysis and death.

Field of usage


Dose rate,


Methods and terms of application



Wireworms, unreal wireworms, frit fly

Pre-sowing (15 liters of water per 1 ton of seeds)



Wireworms, unreal wireworms, seedling pests

Sugar beet

40-70 ml per 1 sowing unit of seeds

Weevils, beet leaf beetle, leaf- mining fly, sugar-beet root aphid, leaf beetle


0.5 – 1

Barley flea beetle, cereal leaf beetle,

lice , corn flies, owl moth, carabid beetle, leafhoppers


0.4 – 0.5

Barley flea beetle, cereal leaf beetle,

lice , corn flies, leafhoppers


It can be used together or subsequently with the agents of fungicide or stimulating action.

Application features

only well-cleaned and calibrated seeds must be used;

it is important that the seeds were processed quickly and evenly;

it is necessary to pretreat only such quantity of a sowing material which will be used for one season.

Product’s advantages

has high insecticidal protection against leaf and soil pests;

keeps optimum density of young plants at the minimum expense of a seed material;

excludes the development of resistance;

period of protective action up to 180 days;

used both at seed plants and for processing of seeds directly in farms;

protective effect eliminates the need for processing of young crops, reducing pesticide load.