Two-component selective herbicide to control annual grass and flowering weeds in sunflower.

Active ingredient:

imazapyr, 15 g/l + imazamox, 33 g/l


soluble concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

imazapyr and imazamox are quickly absorbed through the leaves and penetrate through the roots. The active ingredients block the synthesis of amino acids, resulting in destruction of weeds.

Field of usage

CropDose rate, l/haWeedsTerms of application
Sunflower (varieties and hybrids stable to imidazolines)1-1,2Annual grass and dicotyledonous weedsSpraying in phase 4 true leaves, in early stage of development of weeds


Do not use in tank mixtures with insecticides of the organophosphorus group.

Application features

• apply in phase of 4 true leaves;

• require uniform application throughout the area;

• do not allow the demolition of the working fluid in the adjacent fields;

• not recommended for use with daily average temperatures below +10°С, and with a difference in night and day temperatures above +15°С;

• the product from the imidazolinone group is not recommended to be used on the same field more than 1 time in 3 years;

• when using soft water the minimum dose rate should be 1 l/ha.
After application of the product it is important to adhere to the following crop rotation:
• without restrictions (sunflower hybrids, rapeseed hybrids resistant to active substances of the imidazolinone group); after 4 months (wheat, rye);
• after 9 months * (corn, barley **, oats, rice, sunflower, soybeans, peas, beans, sorghum);
• after 18 months (vegetables, potatoes);
• after 24 months (sugar and fodder beets, rapeseed, buckwheat, millet, other crops).
* when the soil pH is higher than 6.2 and the amount of rainfalls more than 200 mm.
** if the amount of rainfalls is less than 200 mm and the pH is below 6.2, there is a risk of phytotoxicity, the negative consequences of which can be reduced by mechanical tillage to a depth of at least 15 cm

In the rainfalls are insufficient and of the surface layer of soil during the summer is in a dry state, could be inhibited winter wheat and winter rye. The use of pesticides of the ALS inhibitor group in crop rotation and subsequent culture (sulfonylureas and others) should be avoided. Imidazolinone products should not be used in the same field more than once every three years.

Product’s advantages

• system and ground action to destroy annual grasses and dicotyledonous weeds;

• control of almost all kinds of sunflower broomrape;

• long term of action and control of new shoots of weeds in sunflower crops;

• one treatment for the entire growing season.

Optimal weather conditions for application

Preparation of the tank mixture

Weather conditions during the period of application

from + 15°С to + 25°С

200-400 l/ha

On days with high temperatures, the application should be done in the evening or in the morning. At standard application of the product is resistant to washing away by rain in an hour after spraying. Do not make the application at speed wind over 3-4 m/s.

List of the main sensitive weeds

Ambrosia, birch field, bitterling, field mustard, common clotbur, common fumitory, chickweed, velvetleaf, pigweed white, wild oats ordinary, sow thistle species, shepherd’s purse common, black nightshade, hemp nettle common, cleavers, barnyardgrass, wild radish, daisy species, foxtail species, amaranth species, field pennycress, sunflower broomrape.