Superkill 440, EC

A highly efficient insecticide with contact and ingestion action.

Active ingredient:

cypermethrin, 40 g/l + chlorpyriphos, 400 g/l


emulsifiable concentrate


5 l, 20 l

Mode of action:

It has five different mechanisms of pest control: intestinal, contact, fumigating, repellent and locally-systemic.

Field of usage


Dose rate,


Winter wheat, spring barley


Cereal aphids, wheat thrips, leech, Sunn pest, ground beetle



Colorado beetle



Moth, leaf rollers, mites, leaf-mining moth

Sugar beet


Sugar-beet weevil, Tanymecus palliatus, leaf beetles

Spring and winter rape


pollen beetle, cruciferous flea beetle, Turnip sawfly


The product is compatible with most pesticides and liquid fertilizers. However, in each case, a preliminary assessment of the compatibility of components in the tank mixture should be made.

Application features

Cereal crops and potatoes are sprayed during the vegetative season, apple orchards – before and after flowering time.
Spraying is carried out in the rainy weather but not when it is hot; the wind speed must not exceed 3–4 meters per second.
The doze rate of the working fluid during ground spraying is 200–300 liters per hectare and 800–1000 liters per hectare for fruit. A complete cover of the area when applying the product is required. Plants must be sprayed heavily.

Product’s advantages

Synergetic interaction of two chemical classes: organophosphorus and pyrethroid.
It destroys the complex of sucking and chewing insects in all stages of their development.
Aphids, mites, thrips, moths, leeches are sensitive to the product.
It has quick and intense effect:  insects and larvae die in the first 48 hours after treatment.
It has a long and persistent action.
It is not phytotoxic.