Сomposite systemic fungicide with treatment and protective effect for control of wide range of crop disease excitants.

Active ingredient:

flutriafol, 75 g/l + tebuconazole, 225 g/l


suspension concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

flutriafol is quickly absorbed by leaves into the plant and moves acropetally from the bottom to the top. Being inside of the plant for a long time (6-8 weeks), it is also absorbed into the parts of plant which emerged after application, thus providing new shoots protection form diseases as well. Flutriafol blocks viosterol synthesis and disturbs mitosis process, which leads to total death of pathogens. Systemic and contact effect is supplemented by fumigation effect. Solution vaporizes and forms fumigation cloud covering the whole plant. Perfect example of use is mildew expansion control.

Field of usage

CropDose rate,l/haDiseaseMethod of application
Wheat0,6-1,0Mildew, rust, Septoria disease, tan spot, fusarium disease, Alternaria blight Spraying during vegetation
Rape0,6-1,0Phomosis, Alternaria blight, sclerotinia, cylindrosporium

Spraying during vegetation

In autumn – in phase 4-6 leaves


Formulation can be used with other groups of pesticides, as well as with liquid foliar and water solutions of dry mineral fertilizers applied in terms as foliar and soil dressings. It is necessary to test mixture prior to application.

Application features

• to achieve high efficiency in the fight against diseases, protective and preventive treatment of plants should be carried out as early as possible, even before the first signs of the disease appear;

• re-treatment should be carried out with an interval of 3-4 weeks when favorable climatic conditions for the development of diseases;

• spraying have perform in the morning or in the evening at wind speed below 5 m/s;

• do not carry out handling, if there is a danger of rain-fall, stop treatment at the first sign of rain.

Product’s advantages

• it is quickly absorbed by the plant and provides reliable protection from external or internal infection;

• it provides systemic, contact and fumigation protective effect ;

• wide range of treatment and protective effect;

• one of the most mobile formulations in triasole group;

• it provides long-term protective effect extended to newly-formed plant organs ;

• perfect combination of low consumption level and price for area unit;

• flexibility in application (regardless crop development stage);

• resistant to rain wash-off in as little as 3 hours after application;

• non-phytotoxic;

• synergism of two active ingredients is evident as double impact on Septoria disease and Fusarium disease.